Brandon Michael Osborn began acting in community and educational theatre when he was 10 years old.

In 1992, Brandon moved to Houston, Texas and continued training and acting in school, community theatre…basically anywhere he could! After high school, he got interested in video production, and started writing and directing short films, commercials, and sketches. After running his own production company for over five years, Brandon knew that it was time to start acting again, so he began training at The Houston Academy of Dramatic Arts (HADA).

During his two years at HADA, he began his professional acting career, working in many of Houston’s wonderful professional theatres. He has played an eclectic group of characters such as Petruchio in The Taming of The Shrew, Eddie in Fool for Love, Ritchie in Acting Whore, Decius Brutus in Julius Caesar, Capo in The Timekeepers, Polonius in Hamlet, and many more. Brandon’s stage accomplishments include acting, writing, directing, and lighting design.

In January of 2010, after much consideration, he decided to make the move to New York City to further his acting and producing career. Since the move, Brandon has had the opportunity to both act and produce with some of the top producers in their field, including work on commercials, infomercials, TV, film, theatre, and live events.



I was asked to redesign the Video Production departments for all three national tours of StarQuest International Dance Competitions. I'm excited to step into the 'Production Manager' seat once again for the next 6 months!


I will be the Emcee/Host for the 2013 national tour of StarQuest International Dance Competition!!!


My new episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories will air on the Biography Channel on Saturday, December 15th at 9:00pm EST. Check it out!!


On set today for my second episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories. I'll let you know the air date when I get it!